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Mature International Expertise

Robert (Bob) Block


Block & Associates is a single proprietor advisory firm based in Europe with an international client base. It was established by principal Bob Block in 2001 after his early retirement from the last of several C-Suite international management roles in telecommunications and other fields. He brings a straight-forward, direct approach to finding growth opportunities for clients across multiple industries. He provides tactical solutions, communication development and project management services tailored to each client. A true Bespoke Advisory Service - nothing out of a box or template - always focused on individual client needs.

Bob started his first business at the age of 16 in New York, where he grew up and went on to become involved in a variety of start-ups, turn-arounds and mature enterprises & has provided advisory services both in the US and internationally along the way.


Block & Associates provides independent goal focused expertise without jargon, just down-to-earth creativity, hard work and close collaboration with clients to drive financial and operating results improvements.


Bob focuses on the SME end of the business spectrum and is agnostic as it relates to the business vertical – from manufacturing to health care to telecoms – the basic elements are always the same: People-Products-Clients/Prospects and Competition

Prior senior and C-Suite positions internationally in the U.S and internationally include:


  • Chief Operating Officer - Central Europe - One of Europe's largest multifaceted telecommunications enterprises

  • Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service - Central Europe

  • Vice President of Operations - UK

  • Vice President Marketing/Sales - USA

  • Director of Marketing - USA

  • Director of Sales - USA

  • Vice President - Ski Industry Association - USA



Tough & Interesting Neighborhoods


Besides working on projects in Western countries such as the US, UK, Germany and Austria, Bob has successfully performed assignments in some more challenging international business environments including:




Republic of Georgia






Some key client focus and assignments have included:


·         Uncovering opportunities to drive revenue and bottom-line growth

·         Independent - Non-Executive Board Member positions

·         Adviser to Private Equity funds to improve operating and financial performance of holdings

·         Adviser & Coach to family-owned enterprises for training and generational hand-over

·         Assist independent investors to realize their investment objectives

·         Turn-around assignments

·         Prepare and position client companies for sale or merger

·         Product development and line-extension development

·         Creation of effective and hard-hitting marketing & sales plans

·         Developer of new export opportunities


While many consultants/advisors excel in providing exhaustive & voluminous reports, restatements of the obvious and oblique 'suggestions' I take a diametrically opposite approach.


I listen - Meet/Question - Understand - Propose Assignment - Triage Data and People - Devise Actionable Tactics - Present/Gain Buy-in - Hand off or Assist Client to Execute


To begin, I typically spends a few days of focused time at the client's location where meetings directly with individual senior staff and appropriate company principals. I also conduct such work remotely to accommodate health concerns related to the corona virus crisis. Of course I always review of pertinent financial and operational history and create an action plan to address the issue(s) at hand and move the company/client to achieve their business goals. I always aim to find the quickest route to success.


Once the client approves the plan outline, I will propose and advisory engagement which is straightforward, task oriented and structured along with a fee structure commensurate with the tasks at hand.

"Bob brought a briefcase of 'mature wisdom' to the assignment. We learned he could dissect any business and arrive at conclusions which lead to actionable tactics that are 'business changing'. The Holy Grail for our business was to open export markets for our products, however no matter how hard we tried we could not gain traction. We talked, 'endured' Bob's in-depth questioning and he figured it out, helped us to gain a foothold and now exports comprise a healthy 25% of our sales"

Richard Williamson, Company Director, UK

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