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I have had very positive success stories in a wide variety of business verticals. Business is business and fundamental principles remain constant while each enterprise has individual characteristics and needs. Below are just a few comments from clients I have advised or been engaged with.

Casual Dining Client

"This may seem a bit voluminous, however I feel it is best to tell a complete story and give credit where its due. Bob came to me with an unsolicited new product concept. In my business I receive quite a few ideas but Bob's concept was fresh, topical and interesting. He was clearly thinking outside the box. He presented it to me remotely, I was taken by his enthusiasm, understanding of our business and the potential profit contribution it could make. I hired Block & Associates as an outside resource to run with his idea internally. I gave him free rein to marshal whatever resources he needed to ascertain whether the idea had legs.


Bob took the reins, established a multi-departmental project team and ran with it. They developed financial models, refined the product concept, produced it in our test kitchens, developed in-store POS materials & customer facing equipment, gained buy in at both the corporate and store levels and initiated in-store test marketing.


We ultimately rolled the new product concept out in all of our locations and it performed well beyond our expectations; in fact, it breathed new life into our business."


Would we engage Bob again? We have, multiple times. It was and continues to be one of our most cherished business relationships.


MB, Chief Operating Officer

Fortune 100 Firm

"Block is a consummate professional. In our multi-year relationship, he constantly and consistently exceeded our high expectations. I have never seen an advisor who could literally 'see behind walls and around the corners' with a unique ability to elucidate both his discovery of problems and recommending highly actionable solutions to audiences at any level of the company".


DG, 3M Corporation

Telecoms Pioneer

"Whenever we had a tough job that required creativity & tenacity, we sent Bob to accomplish it. I recall him going to two of our company's most challenging situations (Baton Rouge and San Diego areas) and in both cases staying on-site for months to gain control, develop plans and execute them to perfection. A great team player but one that will do his own thing when he thinks it is best. Bob is a good friend, a charitable member of society, a valued Associate and also a very funny guy".


Bill Daniels, Chairman D&A (RIP)

Private Equity Investor

"Anytime we had a proverbial fire in our operations in Poland, and we had many, we dispatched Block to get them under control, put them out and set the stage for recovery. Always successful and we always came back stronger when Block was around".

David Chase, Chairman, Chase Enterprises & Chase International

Family Owned Business Sale

"We decided it was time to sell our manufacturing company and retire. We hired Bob from a referral and he diligently and fully prepared our 20-year-old family owned company to be presented to potential investors. His approach took us from the shop floor to the financial & strategic views of our successful company which allowed us to show our company as the shining apple as it was. (Block's work made our company look so good we thought twice about selling it!) He also developed a target list of prospective buyers; prepared sell sheets and made contact with each one. . His efforts on our behalf attracted a number of excellent, qualified potential trade and private equity buyers. In fact, in the end we were acquired by an American Fortune 100 company - quite a feat for a family run Central European company".


JL/President (Company name withheld due to buyer confidentiality agreement)

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